Monday, November 21, 2016

It's finally here!

I am absolutely thrilled to finally be able to announce the launch of my new website at!  I've worked really hard on it, and I hope you will find it just as beautiful a showcase of my work as I do.

To celebrate the launch of my new website, and to help you out with your Christmas shopping season, I'm doing a celebration event in my Etsy shop!  I'll be posting 10 items over the next 10 days, and the whole store is 10% off!  To take advantage of this celebration event, simply enter the coupon code WEBB10 on your selected items and receive 10% off of your purchase.  If you want your items to arrive in time for Christmas, please buy them soon.

The first item for my 10 day event is this lovely sea glass pendant!  It's $25 (but you can get it for 10% off with WEBB10!) and features tarnish-resistant brass wire over white Vancouver Island sea glass and a cute sea shell charm:

My shop also has a few other pieces available, also for 10% off, of course.

A seed bead and glass pearl necklace for an original price $39:

A seed bead and glass pearl bracelet for and original price of $20

Some beautiful donut wrap earrings featuring tarnish-resistant silver-plated copper wire, Swarovski crystal bicones, freshwater pearls, and shell donuts for an original price of $39

A lovely deep green sea glass pendant wrapped in tarnish-resistant silver-plated copper wire for an original price of $20

And a warm and earthy necklace in rich brown seed beads and caramel glass pearls for an original price of $39

As I said earlier, these are all 10% off with the coupon code WEBB10, and I will be posting 9 more items over the next 9 days, (for a total of 10 over 10) so check back frequently for new pieces!

I'll try to keep you posted here, but the first place to check will be the Etsy shop.  You can also follow me as whisperedreams on instagram or facebook.  The links are all at my new website of along with many more pictures of my work, info about events and venues, a new artist's bio, FAQ, and much more, so please check it out.

As a result, this blog will soon start behaving less as an informational hub (my website will be the core of that) and more as a place where I post progress and design thoughts, as well as info about events.  So you can look forward to more informal insights into my process.

I hope you're all as excited about this as I am! 

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