Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New work! Beach Glass Baubles

Hello all!  As promised, this week I'll be posting pictures of some of the pieces I've been working on lately.  I thought for today I'd focus on some wire-wrapped beach glass.

I collected all of this beach glass on beaches right here in Victoria.  For those who don't know, "beach glass"  or "sea glass" refers to glass that's been weathered by being tossed around among sand and rocks, usually in the ocean, then washed up on the beach.  The older it is, the more frosted it looks and the rounder the edges get.  According to some websites I've viewed, this process usually takes a minimum of five years.

All the wraps I'm showing today were done using silver-plated copper wire.  Any charms included are silver-plated at most -- just general metal charms picked up in bead stores.  I haven't made chains for any of these pieces yet, but I'm considering making a couple fancy beaded chains for some of the fancier wraps.  For the rest, I was thinking of getting some black cords and tying double slip knots to make them adjustable.  That or ribbons with clasps.  Preference?

Prices here are assuming I sell them online or at a market.  If I decide to sell them through a gallery, the prices will change depending on the commission.  I'll do my best to remember to update that here.

The first piece I'm going to show you is actually already sold, but I liked it, so I'm going to post it (4 cm or 1.5 inches).

The next piece is also on white beach glass (well, clear, but due to the frosting effect, it looks white) but is a more freeform wrap rather than a classic cage (3cm or 1.25 inches, the glass part's length just a bit bigger than a quarter).  $25

Up next is another freeform wrap on white beach glass (just under 3cm, about an inch).  $20

Next up is a spiral wrap of dark brown beach glass (4cm, 1.5 inches).  $20

The next piece is pretty neat.  It's a marble turned beach glass.  I think it was a pretty standard catseye with a blue swirl inside, but unless I'm holding it up to the light, the frosting on the surface makes it look a nearly uniform aquamarine blue.  The flash of the camera and the white background make the swirl a bit more visible in the picture (3cm or 1.25 inches with the collar and bail).  $20

The final piece for today's entry is a rounded piece of dark green beach glass, so I wrapped it in a similar fashion as the marble (3cm or 1.25 inches with the collar and bail).  $20

And that's it for today.  Next entry will probably be more of a jumble of different types.  Feel free to tell me if there's anything you'd like to see me make more of.