Monday, September 26, 2016

New Pieces and Big News

Hello Everyone!

I have some new pieces for your perusal and a big announcement, which I may as well get out of the way before we get to the pretty pictures.

The announcement is that I will soon be launching a genuine website for WhispereDreams Jewellery.  There you can view a large gallery of my work sorted into useful categories instead of scrolling through archives of blog or clicking on the label tag cloud on the side here.  I'll also have info and links on shows and venues, although I will of course still post about those here.  I've also launched a facebook page for my business, which I will endeavor to keep updated with new pieces on a regular basis.

I'll post again once the website goes live.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of pieces I've been working on lately.

The first is a new sea glass pendant on a braided chain made from seed beads and genuine freshwater pearls.  I love the challenge of wrapping all the different shapes and sizes of sea glass I find, but it does make me miss working with colours, so I plan on making quite a few chains like this.

 This one blends iris seed beads with silver-core icy blue and silver-core clear seed beads for a cool and liquidy blend that matches nicely with the silver-plated copper wire, the silvery starfish charm, and the white sea glass.  The dark freshwater pearls add a nice contrast.

I've finished it off with an extender chain to make the length adjustable.

I also have a few new pendants without chains.  The first two are silver-plated copper wire on white sea glass:

The next is made from gunmetal brass wire over white sea glass:

And the final piece is copper wire on white sea glass:

I'll post again soon, once my website launches, and also to announce my fall/winter show schedule.