Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Final Photo Update: Miscellaneous Pieces

Hello all,

Here are the last of the pieces I photographed on my big photo spree.

I'll start with the daisy chains.  Up first is a necklace of violet blooms with leaves in between, giving it a sort of 1920s retro fringe feel (seed beads, bugle beads, lobster claw clasp):

 These necklaces (I do have them in more colours now and am happy to make them in any colour requested) are $29.

I also have some daisy chain bracelets of various designs, any of which can be made into necklaces if someone wants (seed beads, bugle beads, e beads):

The violet one with the leaves is $15 and the pink and forget-me-not blue ones are $12.

I have a few more simple and inexpensive bracelets made from seed beads.  First up are some looped varieties, for $10:

I also have some looped with an extra strand which because of their colours I call my goldenchain bracelets.  I think I stole the term from Dylan Thomas.  They're $15.

At the other end of the pricing spectrum I have a new shot of my Treasures of the Deep necklace.  I want $299 for this, so that's what it is if I sell it directly.  If it goes into a gallery though, the price will go up based on the commission they take.  I'll let you know if that happens.  (seed beads and mother of pearl focal bead, filigree hook clasp)

And finally I have my celestial charm bracelet, which can be worn one of two ways.  This bracelet is $15.  This first photo shows it in a spread out bangle style (seed beads, various metal charms):

It can also be worn twisted up in a tight rope:

And that concludes the updated set of photos.  Next post you'll be seeing some of the new pieces I've worked on since then and/or some fresh photos of my earrings.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Donut Wraps

Hello everyone!  It's time for the next entry in my updated photo collection.  This post, as the title says, will feature my donut wraps.  You've probably already seen some photos of these posted, but I have added chains to some, so that will be new.  I think this entry will also contain some better closeup shots.

I haven't quite fixed the prices on these yet, but if you're interested in purchasing any of them please get in touch with me and I will figure it out for you.

First up is the only one without a chain.  This one is gold-plated wire over a turquoise-coloured stone.  The wrap also includes some swarovski and some faux-swarovski bicones as well as some e-beads.  The collar/bail is fairly simple and light-weight with a single loop for a chain to pass through and a couple extra scrolls (the spirals) as decorations on the face of the pendant.

As I said, this piece currently does not have a chain, but I could certainly make one if requested.

Next up is a closeup of a pale green stone wrapped in bright copper wire.  This one is a larger stone (I know the scale is off in these photos, but the bicones used in both pieces are the same, and you can see they look much smaller against this second pendant) so it allows room for more fun bends and kinks in the wrap.  The collar/bail is more complex on this one, with some fun bends and structure and a frontal scroll.  Copper wire, unknown stone (sorry, my bead supplier doesn't label them), swarovski and faux swarovski bicones, e-beads.

And here you can see a shot of the chain.  It's made of these beautiful clear copper-cored seed beads with a few highlights of transparent blue copper-cored seed beads.

The next piece is silver plated copper wire over the same turqoise-coloured stone as in the gold piece above.  This one features a smooth rounded collar/bail of clean flowing lines.  Swarovski bicones and e-beads are featured in this wrap.  As you can see, the chain is made of clear silver-cored seed beads interspersed with dark purple e-beads like the ones used in the wrap.

Here's a shot on the stand so you can see how it hangs on the chain, which is a simple single strand with a lobster claw clasp.

The final piece is one you've probably seen before without a chain.  It's silver-plated copper wire over a rose quartz donut.  This is the smallest of the pendants and features glass pearls, a clear swarovski bicone, and e-beads in the wrap.  This donut was also drilled through, so the bail features a scroll in the center of the pendant with a light criss-cross design over the face of the stone and a large textured scroll over the collar.  As you can see, I gave this one a chain of pale rose glass pearls with iris seed beads in my pearl necklace style.  (The colours on my monitor tend a little more to the yellow than they are to the eye -- sorry, but I couldn't satisfactorily edit this out.  Just keep in mind this is pinky, not peachy.)

And here's a shot of it on the stand so you can see how it hangs on the chain.  It's really very lovely and feminine.

That's it for today.  We'll have a couple more entries of updated gallery shots then I'll start sharing some of my new projects and works in progress.  For the past couple of days I've been working on a design for a wire earring stand.  I came up with a prototype I quite like so now I have to make a more robust final version.  Pictures soon.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Beaded Bangles

Here's the next set of photos from my attempt to photograph my inventory a couple months back.  This entry will feature my beaded bangle bracelets.  These sold quite well last season so I'm down to only a few colours. Let me know if there are other combos you'd like to see.

These bracelets are $10 each or $25 for a set of three because they're fun to mix and match and wear in a set like bangles, which is why I call them that.

Here's a photo of my current remaining inventory:

All these bracelets are made from bugle beads, e beads, and seed beads in various colours.  As mentioned, they can be worn alone, or combined.  Here are a few combos I came up with on the day of the photo shoot.

First up, here's a tropical summery blend of golds, blues, greens, turquoise, and a splash of purple:

Next is a more feminine combo of pinks, whites, and purples, with a gentle blend of gold and silver:

Or you can go for bolder reds and blacks and golds:

Or if you're not so keen on matching, you could go for a mix of neutral cool tones with a splash of colour:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Pearl Necklaces

Hello, it's time for entry number 2 in my posts of updated pictures.

This time the focus is on necklaces.  The standard single strand ones are currently priced at $39.

As I said in my previous post, I'm happy to make necklaces in any of the colour combos I have in my bracelets, but at present, these are the colours I have ready to go.  Like the bracelets, all the necklaces below are made with seed beads and glass pearls.

First off, I have a dark gold paired with creamy white pearls (which matches the darker of the two gold and cream bracelets in my previous post:

For people who like warm tones, I also have a necklace with the transparent brown seed beads and lovely caramel pearls:

Next up is the sultry evening combo of hematite-looking black seed beads with deep burgundy pearls:

I also of course restocked on my favourite, the "harlequin" design of silver and transparent black seed beads criss-cross matched with white and black pearls:

All of the above necklaces are made with a lobster claw claps of an appropriate colour.  The benefit of that is that I can easily add an extender chain to make the lengths adjustable.

The next few necklaces all feature fancier clasps which add their own unique flair to the pieces.

First up is a white pearl with silver seed bead combo featuring a bright silver finish toggle clasp. 

Next up is the lovely soft combination of iris seed beads with dark dove grey pearls with a lovely delicate filigree pointed oval box/hook type clasp:

The last necklace that I'd like to show you is a triple-stand piece I made because I frequently display more than one necklace per stand and often had people asking if it was all one necklace then being disappointed because it was a series of separate necklaces.  So I decided to make some multistrand pearl necklaces and I started with one built on my harlequin theme.

This triple stand piece is $99.

The inner strand is silver seed beads and black pearls, the middle strand is my harlequin design of silver seed beads paired with black pearls and black seed beads paired with white pearls, and the outer strand is black seed beads paired with white pearls.  The strands are different lengths so they drape very nicely when worn.

This piece is made with a square filigree box clasp, as can be seen in the picture below.  I arranged the necklace on the stand like that mostly to display the clasp, but when I did, it occurred to me that the necklace actually looks quite nice like this, and this could be an alternative way of wearing it.

And here is a closeup of the box clasp so you can see the filigree work:

And that's it for today.  Since taking these photos, I've done some new multistrand necklaces, so I'll post some pictures of those in the future.  Next up though I'll post some pictures of other styles of pieces, including some of my wire pendants.